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PEONY is a creative studio for fine, handcrafted bespoke packaging, specialised in presentation packaging for photography and videography.


The studio is founded by Sabrine den Os. She is passionate about crafting beautiful, bespoke (heirloom) products that make your business & brand stand out from the crowd.

The base of the products is cardboard sheets. The sheets are cut to size and then assembled. 

The products can be covered with beautiful, delicate linen or soft velvet and personalised with your logo in foil press, printed on vellum or on linen.


Every product is unique, original and completely handmade!




The products are made with respect for our environment:

the studio works with FSC-certified suppliers, uses water-based glue, separates waste and recycles materials.


Because not all materials can be bought locally and a lot of packages leave the studio, PEONY contributes to planting trees every year to reduce the 'carbon footprint' and increase the sustainability of the studio.


Discover what PEONY can do for your packaging.

If you have a question or want advice, please send an email to

'Sabrine did a fantastic job! The linen boxes I have ordered are of good quality, so cool that she made them by hand.

Super good looking! The contact with Sabrine was also excellent. Clear mails, asking everything she needed to make my linen boxes.

I am very happy with them, thank you Sabrine! '

- Pure Liefde Fotografie

bespoke photo packaging to MATCH YOUR BRAND

Match your photo presentation packaging to your branding and creative style!


Choose from a few core designs to put together your unique packaging for the presentation of your particular style of photography.

PEONY can make your packaging exactly how you like it.


You can choose the type of box, the height of the compartment for the photos and USB, the colour and type of covering and the colour of the ribbons and embellishments. PEONY can also engrave USB’s with your logo. When presented in a beautiful box this makes a lasting impression. 

the sinclair

Photo & USB Box with a magnetic closure 

the crawford

Photo & USB Box with a loose lid 

the fraser

Photo & USB Box with a ribbon closure 

the huntly

Photo & USB Sliding Box

the carnegie

Photo & USB Box with a magnetic closure on top & a wax seal




With this box you can make beautiful flat lays for photographing wedding details.


A beautiful handmade box that can be personalised with several props (items) to capture these details to perfection!

'The lovely boxes perfectly summarize what I wanted to offer all those years.

The boxes are completely what I wanted, in terms of colour, material and quality.

Sabrine thinks along well and listens to your wishes. '

- Melanie Caitlin, Happy Photographer

THE FRASER in navy velvet with dusty blue silk ribbon closure & dusty blue silk ribbon to take out the photos.

Navy blue elastic satin ribbon for the USB


press & publication

get inspired!

You can follow PEONY on Instagram with @peonyfinepackaging and on Pinterest with peonyfinepackaging.

I love to see how you present your work in my handcrafted products, so share me in your photos so I can repost them!

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peony cares about our environment